Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Where does Apnafamilystore deliver from?

In our efforts to keep the planet green and reduce traffic on our roads, we decided to shift to deliveries from your local Hypermarkets. As an advantage, we can get your groceries to you a lot faster and from a place which is more frequented by people. The results are better stocks delivered in a much shorter time. Each wheeler  carries anywhere between 2 to 5 orders.

How does my order get packed?

We do believe in "Go Green" and discourage the use of polythene bags. Larger orders are delivered in plastic containers which are easy to carry for our crew and reusable.

Our smaller orders are delivered in environment friendly green carry bags. These bags are recyclable and reusable. Also at the time of packing, we ensure that food items are packed separately and not mixed with other items like household cleaning.

How will the delivery be done?

We have our own delivery network. We use own two wheeler for deliveries.